FPS shooting master for Android - Free Download


The birth of the FPS Shooting Master will lead the new first-person shooter game trend.

Shoot the enemy and let them taste the bullet. What better than this.

Feel free to choose levels, equip firearms, upgrade, and build your own weapons.

Game features:

* The game is easy to use, suitable for boys and girls over 18 years old;

* Each level is challenging. Come and challenge it.

* No need to use the Internet, play anytime, anywhere, want to play and play;

* Modify your own guns;

* More weapons: 46 sniper rifles waiting for you to choose;

* A fatal one-time bonus to get more extra gold coins;

* Supports all Android 4.0 and above devices;

* Top gun sound effects, take you to experience real shooting;

* The game is completely free, all weapons and upgrades can use the game currency;

* We will continue to update the game to ensure the best gaming experience

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