Police Motorbike Chase: Criminal & Gangster Escape - Android Game


Police Motorbike Chase: Criminal & Gangster Escape is all about the chor police and war crime chase as crazy car chase game. Cops pursuing thieves in this exciting Police Motorbike Chase: Criminal & Gangster Escape game is another action game in police chase simulator. Miami Police department got a call on 911 that Miami police crime is happening on the streets of Miami. You need to act as Police Cops, get your motorcycle from hot bike parking and become bike shooter. Crime chase is never so crazy on the offroad suburban highway police. Chor Police is the game all about the crazy car chase and police chase simulator. Cops driving on the Miami streets at street bike to crackdown the smash cops heat in traffic police bike. As proactive police bike officer of NYPD and LAPD, it's your duty to catch these secret agent downtown gangsters and escape criminals of underworld mafia heroes and put them back into the city central jail prison. These killer heroes are really dangerous in the police traffic chase and have committed offensive crimes. Take up the challenge of endless police bike racing as a motorbike criminal chase rider.

Make sure your police bike ride is ready in the police academy. Escape crime from the cop should never happen as you are policemen on the duty. You have learned to drive the police bikes and a police car driving. Become the extreme racer in this police pursuit and police chasing criminals on police car driving. Cops pursuing thieves as a crazy car chase and car driving chase. Chase gangster in the crime police games. Criminal gangster escape should not happen in presence of the Miami police department and escape crime from the cop. The jail border is guarded by the police dogs, ride the amazing forces moto trail and heavy bikes and chase down the city escape criminal, gangsters and robbers hiding all over the city, use the super nitro speed to chase crooks in cars, trucks and automobiles, enjoy the ride of your life and get hands on the jailbreak hard time prisoners and arrest them on the spot. Traffic Police Bike and Police Motorbike chase is ready for the bike attack crazy. It would count as speed race for this kind of death chasing. Drive your traffic police bike in the criminal chase and stop the turbo speed car racing of the gangsters.

Your duty is to take out the heavy duty police motorbikes and police patrol all over the city, chase escape criminals and gangsters and arrest the most wanted criminals with special US police squad specialized in crime control of the city traffic. Catch the gangster syndicate and rouge convicts engaged in crime story scene in vendetta city. Overtake the traffic vehicles & ride your sports police bike on the endless highway roads to complete the chasing missions. Police Motorbike chase and police car chase in bike attack crazy as the police bike rider to chase criminal gangster. Motorbike chase criminal in death chasing race at police parking. Group motorbike riding is just like police patrol in the Miami City. Racing Car pursuit is happening on the roads, call your police bike rider to make them stop before they kill anybody in a crazy car chase and war crime chase.

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