Real Euro Truck Driving Simulator - Android ( Playstore )


Real Euro Truck Driving Simulator gets you closer to the action to drive European trucks throughout the cities in Europe! Load up and transport cargo and travel around the busy city island whilst dealing with crazy rush hour traffic.

Upgrade, unlock, and drive big rig trucks to help you deliver cargo across long-haul drives! Experience truck driving simulators like never before, with all the fun with real truck trailer physics and cargo physics.

Explore the open road as a real euro trucker or load important cargo on trailers with a forklift! Drive forklifts and trucks to get the cargo delivered on time as an expert truck driver; be one of the best euro truck drivers in the world.

Not ready to take on cargo missions? Smash into busy rush hour traffic, cause chaos and drift big rig trucks! Load cargo onto truck trailers using your own forklift, with easy to play driving controls, have fun becoming the ultimate truck driver in this all-new truck simulator.

Key Features:

- 4 real European trucks to choose from with unique trailers and cargo!

- Realistic & fun to use driving controls

- Realistic truck & trailer physics

- Unique forklift driving with fully functional forklift arms

- Smart AI traffic

- Realistic truck sounds

- Detailed realistic trucks

- Smash through cars, lampposts, and more.

- Fully controllable trailer mechanics for unlinking and recoupling

- Huge city for an awesome realistic trucker simulation

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