Download Duel Frontier - Android Game


Welcome to the world of Duel Frontier. Here you can collect battle cards to build your Deck and fight other monsters and duelists from all over the world! Keep improving yourself during the duels and become a Duel Master!


Classic Monsters and Battle
- 100+ iconic monsters, including super monsters like "Dark Magician" and "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"
- Exclusive monster skills and talents
- Classic battle mode brings back your exhilarating childhood memory 

Build the Most Powerful Deck
- Upgrade and evolve your monsters to make it more powerful
- Activate monster rapport to gain extra powerful stats
- Monster formation and position make a big difference for the strategic duels
- Equip with epic gears to greatly enhance your monsters 

Compete with Duelists Globally
- Fight with millions of Duelists for the supreme honor
- Rank up yourself in Arena and win abundant rewards
- Real-time PvP battle enables you enjoy the most stirring duel

Defeat World Boss and Collect Millennium Items
- Cooperate with other players and challenge the evil World Boss
- Unleash the most destructive skills and deal as much damage as you can
- Collect Millennium Items with the boss's treasure core

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