Download Rescue Lucy 2 Android Apk

Continuation of mystical adventures Salvation of Lucy. It's been several years since the girl found her dog Lucy in an abandoned house. Now the girl has grown and the player has to play a girl who, as usual, let the dog Lucy out into the street. It's only been several hours, Lucy did not return home. It's time again to go in search of Lucy and save her.

This time you can not even imagine what horror and fear will await you at every step! You will again enter the terrible house filled with horrors and gloomy atmosphere. In the house you are waited by ghosts of children and adults. Skeletons and zombies protect this house from unauthorized persons. Black silhouettes with red eyes will give you paralysis of the body. The ghosts of children will want you to play with them and they will not like it very much if you refuse to play. House and witches will not let you calmly slip into the bright corner of the room. You need to be ready to defeat monsters and ghosts. The creaks of the old house, crows and bats will call your goose bumps on the first locations. Fear and horror in the house will take you to the bone. The first part will seem to you flowers in comparison with the second part. We all love mysticism, so you have to play this game. After you find Lucy, you will need to escape from a nightmare house.


Various puzzles and mini games will meet you at every step. For example, you have to collect whole objects, puzzles, paint a bear, twist the gears and much more. Numerous rooms of a mystical house with minimal lighting will strain your attention and accuracy. After all, no one knows what will be waiting for you behind the wall of the next room. Laughing and crying ghosts of children will affect your psyche. Scattered children's toys, wheelchairs, dolls, balls all this will give a unique taste of horror in the game.

Excellent graphics and gloomy musical accompaniment will plunge you headlong into this terrible game. Dmitry Starodymov put a piece of his soul in this ingenious work, so that you enjoy a gothic work of art. If the game gets one million sets, then I will definitely create the third part of this wonderful game.

The game is free.

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