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Join a group of legendary heroes from history to test your skills in dynamic and strategic battles.

Utilize the unique skills each hero brings to the fight! Use your skills and wits to win battles. Expand your legacy.

Meet players from around the world to form alliances, enjoy chats, and fight battles.


● Experience strategic battles with players around the globe

In First Hero, you can enjoy fierce strategic battles over various domains with players around the world.

● Enjoy the combat of Alliance Domain Conquests

Join forces with your allies to conquer domains through intense battles.

● Collect a vast roster of historical heroes

Collect heroes from different nations and eras in history to fight for you! Upgrade them, equip them, and unleash them onto the battlefield.

● Build and expand your forces

Build your forces by upgrading your castle, building facilities, summoning heroes, and training units.

● Expand your territory

Win battles with heroes, units, tactics, and weapons to conquer domains and expand your territory.

● Test your strategic prowess

In First Hero, battles are won through the strategic use of heroes’ skills, unit characteristics, tactics, and weapons.

Develop your own strategies to best your opponent.


● Make it to the top ranks

Earn Ranking Points through player vs. player, alliance vs. alliance battles and make it to the top.

You can earn rewards based on your rank.

● Chat with players from all around the world in multiple languages

You can chat with other users in 한국어, English, Français, Deutsch, português.

Share your experience in real time with players from around the world.

● Adventure

Are you stressed out after all those PvP battles? Do you need more resources? Then jump into Adventure mode for single player action.

Adventure mode comes with different difficulty levels, and completing them provides with additional


● Fountain of Wishes

Make a wish at the Fountain of Wishes to earn a variety of resources.

First Hero is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can purchase paid items in game, for which you will be charged for the set amounts.

Event items or some other items may not be refundable. Please check the terms before finalizing your


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