War of Zombies - Heroes Android Apk


War Of Zombies is an exciting Superheroes vs Zombies Action Game!
Many Zombies appear from every corner, attacking, chewing and wandering. The whole city gets in a panic! Only few people can survive and you are one of them.To find the source and solution of the disaster, or even a conspiracy, you must have counterattack, or a tactical withdrawal, protecting more people, collecting materials, and keep survival by all of these!

War Of Zombies FEATURES
- 6 different zones & more than 6 game modes
- Use over 15 weapons, 6 unique heroes
- Upgrade to make you more powerful 
- Original weapon system
- Combine hero skills and items to multiple weapons’ power
- Types of missions
- Wipe out and destroy different enemies and dangerous Bosses
- Particular cartoon style
- More heroes, more weapons, more game modes and stories are coming soon

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