Download Arena of Survivors (Android / iOS)

AoS: Arena of Survivors is not just any Battle Royale games. The epic fight for survival has been raised beyond your ordinary perspective with an exceptional top down action shooting view.

Join the ultimate combat arena and undergo a new high in the multiplayer gaming genre that has captivated millions of players worldwide.

Fast paced PvP deathmatch are pushed to the limit as your safe zone is shrinking rapidly! Fortify yourself with a wide variety of firearms spawned randomly on a massive arena.

Battle it out against real-world opponents and pick your own distinct tactic to survive at all costs, whether it is bullet-spraying, sneak-stabbing, sniping from a blind spot or utilise the characters’ unique stealth technique.



-Top down shooter featuring simple and smooth control.

-Rapid combat match duration optimized for mobile gamers.

-A vast array of lethal arms and accessories.

-Diverse play styles with character’s unique traits and upgrades.

-Storm the battlegrounds in Solo Mode, Dual Mode or Squad Mode

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