Download Cooking Funny Chef Android Apk

Create your own kitchen story in our newest kitchen game, Cooking Funny Chef. Here in this game, you can learn how to be a professional chef, how to cook dinner, serve food to the customers, and upgrade your kitchen appliances. It’s the most epic and addictive cooking and time management game you will ever play.

★ Cooking Funny Chef is the number 1 cooking & kitchen game on Playstore. ★

You play as a professional chef graduated from a top cooking school, who has a dream of owning a restaurant empire on the food street. She starts from a small café and serve American favorite diner food before opening more cafes and restaurants with different cuisines. Along the way, she learns to cook more dishes and serve customers.


It’s not easy to build a big restaurant empire. Aside from mastering the dishes and become a true master chef, you also have to serve customers and to make them happy. The longer they wait, the more they become displeased. So you have to be quick to seat and serve customers the food they order in my cafe. If they are happy, they will give you more coins. The coins and gems in this game are very important so you can upgrade your kitchen appliances. On top of that, the time to reach the goal for each level is limited, so you have to manage your time as best as you can. It’s a very intense time management game. The journey to become a master chef is surely not easy, but it surely is fun

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