High School Hero vs Bully Gang Android Apk

This game revolves around troubled story of high school dropout bully boy william whose sole purpose is to bully the other naughty students and his class fellows, william proves himself to be incredibly evil, manipulative to other students and teachers, and highly intelligent, being a bad bully boy he constantly reminds other bully kids of his arrogance and vanity. This game is not about shooting or fighting but its a fun game full of adventure where you will be an interesting bully gangster in your high school and you will break all the rules of the discipline! Your mission is to behave like a bad boy bully in high school gangster game, survive and escape through hard time missions. Fight and strike slender students and high school security guards to bully in cafeteria and college hallway. Sneak into the principal office stealing important confidential notes and survive your time lock in detention, sneaking from creepy teachers and authorities


High School Hero vs Bully Gang Game Play

Violent crime is routine in the inner city high school and everything is run by a punk posse. It is so dangerous that the students have to go through a metal detector at the front door.

You have been chosen to bring the peace back to the school! Stand up against the tyrants, duel & beat the gangs, play pranks on teachers, and rise through the ranks of the school system. Or just freely roam in the campus and fall in love with a square girl - it’s all up to you.

The story is about a High school bully gangster who is the head of the school gang & he loves to put bully`s school mates in locking up & giving physical punishment in classroom in this high school games. He is a new bully boy in town & joined High school. . It is not a romantic game of high school love story. High school bully boy is an evil kid of house party. He strike girlfriends by flying paper ball toss in the classroom. Critically steal lunch boxes of bully`s close friends. Anna was one of bully target to whom bully boy was giving hard time in city school. Participate in karate fighting tournament, beat all your bully opponents to become the champion of high school karate competition.

Let the evil students of city campus have the taste of their own medicine in this high school gangster game. It’s not a love story of the students in the school days rather an evil karma of their own fate in face of creepy bully gangster in high school continuing the legacy of his high school dropout student through his evil actions.

High school Bully gangster is a third person bad boy bully game where a troubled psychopath teenager is entered into the school life to enjoy humiliating other high school students and teachers. You as a third person player.
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