Zombie Apocalypse - Free zombie games - Android APK

Zombie attack. Your mission is to stand all zombie tsunami and intercept to killing of scientists who make a vaccine from virus. Create strong soldiers and catchers who will protect you and your work in the best zombie shooting games. Play the best of zombie games for free.

Zombie Apocalypse is the new game of shooting zombies and strategy genre without Internet for FREE. Rules are simple: just dispose different units as plants on the map and repulse waves of zombie. It will be seemed that there is zombie farm nearby because it will be too many of them! These monsters may kill your protecters therefore be careful! If one of zombies reach the left side at least, you lose.

That's not just a shooting or runner game about zombies or plants vs zombies - you should create your own strategy vs zombi and become a real ninja zombies. There are not only units. You can use mines, bombs and freezing versus ugly monsters! Explode zombie with bombs and rockets.


How to play

— Tap on the unit and swipe to point you want

— Collect coins which falls from zombies

— Don't forget about new units because zombies can kill them

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