Arker The legend oh Ohm ( Android iOS )

Arker The legend oh Ohm

Explore the land of Ohm, recruit your hero and battle in exciting strategic online battles against other players.

Berserker, Alchemist, Izarian.... Discover the unique characteristics of each class as well as the best combination of abilities or objects for each class.

A hero is strong, but a clan is much stronger. Found or join a clan and fight together to get the control of Ohm's city to gain access to the ARKER mines.

The most precious mineral that exists; desired as a coin by some and as a source of energy by others. Some have died trying to understand it, others just have adapted to its existence.

Find the perfect balance between the hundreds of abilities that exist and allow your hero to win even the most difficult battles.

Buy and/or sell abilities or objects in the market with other players and get a good handful of ARKER fragments in trade.

Game modes
Find an opponent for a skirmish and earn a reputation or a duel in exchange for ARKER; or go it alone in history mode (coming soon)


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