Battle Souls - Android

Battle Souls - Android

A long time ago, a strange moon appeared in the sky, since then the world has begun to collapse slowly, sinking into the sea. When this happened, the gods went north through the mountains, leaving the humans, some of whom began to have dreams of a strange gate in the mountains. But those who decide not to go north, end up going crazy because of the visions.

A group of adventurers decides to enter that realms gate looking for answers.



◆ DEFEAT enemies in this new tactical RPG for mobile.

◆ SUMMON heroes that will help you in your adventures.

◆ GET objects to upgrade your heroes and defeat all enemies.

◆ PREPARE the best heroes team to fight them.

◆ TRAVEL through the realms to get rewards.

◆ GET items and gold to advance on this adventure.

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