Download Crayon Physics with Truck - Android / iOS

Crayon Physics with Truck

This is a physics puzzles game.
The goal of the game is simple - to load all rocks on truck.
Brain Line Truck to do this, you have a truck, crayon and brains. Use them to perform the physics task.
Brain Line Truck just draw your decision. Draw as well as you do it crayon.
Any design that you draw become physical objects that can interact to physical objects in the game. 
Brain Line Truck there is no only one correct solution. Can you find the best?
Draw clamps, hooks and different physical designs.
Brain Line Truck your brains are the main key in this game.
For each level there is a help, but it is only in extreme cases.
Try to find your own decision Physics Puzzles
Show how clever you are.

Crayon Physics with Truck Android - IOS Gameplay 

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