Download Dualshot Roguelike on Android

Dualshot Roguelike Gameplay

"When the top down shooter gets together with the roguelike genre begins ... Crazy action game!» (C) grandmother, who got to know the key idea of the game.

In the distant future, retired Space Marine hunts in the dungeons to find the results of genetic experiments of aliens. Level up your hero, buy new types of weapons and ammunition, live the life of a mercenary or set a goal to mop up the monsters. What’s your bag? Knight Space Marines or mercenary?

Shoot at enemies with different types of double-barreled shotguns, from classic one to powerful and technological cannons from the future.
Bullets ricochet off the walls! Proper use of ricochets will allow you to pass the level most quickly. Avoid the shots of various bad guys. How long have you wanted to play in the best mobile shooter? Just shoot everyone to a tune of retrowave music in Dualshot roguelike.

This roguelike wasn’t exist yet! A lot of various levels - caves, laboratories, libraries, etc. Levels are generated automatically to match the player's skills.
The rooms are constantly supplemented with a new ones, we are nonstop working to ensure that you have stuff to do.

- Ricochets, shooter + roguelike.
- Retrowave music.
- Level up your heroes and weapons.
- Play for your favorite characters.

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