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Noble! The game created together with the users.
Save Arendel from chaos and become the best mage ever!

■■■■■ Game Story ■■■■■

Arendel, a kingdom ruled by 13 Gods. When Arendel was
born, the Gods knew that if mages with godly magical
powers came into power, the authority of humans with 
no powers would plummet to the ground. Hence they 
banned mages from becoming nobles.

However, the very magically talented protagonist with no 
affiliations whatsoever with the ban, was not even a bit interested
in gaining authority and power.

Accompanying this protagonist, an elemental that is slightly 
materialistic and wishes to be a noble.

The once peaceful Arendel now walks the path of 
destruction as the Gods turned their backs on the distrusting


Thanks to the sacrifice of the archmage, who was the 
guardian of the kingdom and the father of the protagonist, the crisis was
evaded during the battle with the Gods. Pushed into a corner, the old king of
Arendel and Steepes, the only God of that trusted the humans make a very big decision.

They have decided to allow mages to become nobles. Their titles were to be
decided by their ability to defeat enemies, and whoever defeats the God of 
darkness, Opere and the God of Light, Steela would be given the title 
Archmage of the kingdom and be given the throne as well.

The elemental wanted all of the power and wouldn't have missed this chance.
But on the other hand, it was scared. So it persuades the protagonist
and finally, the adventure begins.

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