Download Battle Instinct (Android iOS)

This game is for you if:

• You are not afraid of challenges and you are ready to go out on a huge battlefield and prove that you are the best!
• Your fighting instincts will help you out in any turmoil, and a loyal machine will cheerfully hand out headaches in any situation.
• You are a born tactician and it's easy for you to circle a nub around your finger for you.

Battle instinct - a shooter in the genre battle royale designed specifically for mobile devices. Fast fights, convenient control and beautiful 3D graphics - all as you like.

Write down the story of your victory! From victory you are separated 5 minutes! Adapt to the situation. Look for a variety of weapons and equipment to gain an advantage over opponents. Use the elements of the environment to hide or ambush. Or take the minigun in your hands and go straight ahead to your only goal - to remain the last living person!

No complicated rules! No rules at all! 50 people, an uninhabited unknown desert as a battlefield and every man for himself. Just! Stay! The last one!

Unique features:
• Multiplayer for 50 people
• Tactical battles
• Unique characters
• The variety of weapons
• Cool graphics
• Convenient mobile management

Battle Instinct (Android iOS) Gameplay

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