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Madlands Mobile
Madlands Mobile iOS
Madlands Mobile Android
Madlands Mobile iOS Gameplay
Madlands Mobile Android Gameplay

Mistakes in the past have left the world an apocalyptic ruin... but don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world! That already happened... How will you survive the Madlands?

●[Build] Unlock legions of jacked-up retrofitted vehicles of death! 
●[Collect] Recruit the toughest Heroes that the Madlands have to offer! 
●[Fight] Deploy your armies of meat and metal into the Madlands to plunder and pillage from your enemies!
●[Alliances] Forge strategic global alliances for purely selfish reasons. Or don’t. I’m not your mother.

Defying the odds and once again proving their resilience, courage and downright stubbornness, mankind has survived! The time has come for humanity to crawl back into the light, and for you to reclaim the world your ancestors destroyed...

Your engines are revving. Your Heroes are eager for battle. Dust yourself off, you’re about to get knee-deep in shredded metal, blood, and bone. The biggest and craziest real-time mobile strategy game this side of Armageddon is waiting for you!

As the beautiful and glorious commander of a post-apocalyptic group of warmongers, you must rebuild your ruined city, stake claim to valuable resources and rediscover lost and forgotten technology.

Save yourself from the loneliness of post apocalyptic desolation through the might of Alliances. With your powerful friends, fight to gain territory, strength, untold rewards and global bragging rights as Supreme Overlord!

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