The Astoria Land War of Summoners - Android Game

The Astoria Land War of Summoners (Android iOS) Gameplay

Here comes the super strategic MOBA game at the end of 2018! Save the world with tens of thousands of worldwide players! Summoners with different skills gather around, pick their weapons, and defeat the plots of the evil scientists! Come create a team of super summoners and battle in the continent of Astraea! Along with your favorite summoners in War of Summoners, let's fight together!

In the rich and mysterious continent of Astraea, the evil scientist Gilras used the Gora Amethyst to control Evelia, the elf who has the ability to control the storm, and built a base in the forbidden land and summoned a ferocious beast to occupy Astraea! Come join the nine-tailed fox Nida and create an unexpected team of summoners against Gilras to save the world in an epic strategic battle!

The War of Summoners is a popular game of strategic confrontation. The mysterious power of Gora Amethyst and the hunger for power have made the evil scientists even more crazy! While defending the city, please stop the evil plan of Gilras and save the continent of Astraea!

War of Summoners’ Features:
√ Recruit talented summoners and fight the battles wisely with SLG strategies;
√ Have fun with different tactics using different combinations of different heroes;
√ Defend the attack in the solo mode;
√ Join like-minded players and team up to challenge multiplayer instance dungeons and league battles;
√ Real-time control, a fair competition that is always ready to start. Revert the battle in a second, fight for the arena glory, and take your own crown;
√ A great map system of missions that allows you to experience new challenges all the time

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