Download Merge Island™ Android

You are the manager of the small island! 🏝️🏝️ This small island has wonderful natural scenery and a magnificent series of beautiful buildings. The beautiful macaron colors and geometric building blocks in game are perfectly combined to form the unique artistic style of the game. 🌳 🌳Combine with the casual merging gameplay, you will be addicted in the game. Whilst, stress will be released, and you will feel very relaxed.

☀️How to play?
🏡-When two or more adjacent and identically colored blocks are merged, the low-level buildings are merged into a high-level building.
🏡-After the buildings are merged to lvl 10, it will become a colorless block, and can only be merged with the same lvl 10 building to become a higher level building.
🏡-Buildings after lvl 10 can’t be merged any more, but it permanently becomes a landmark on your island!
🏡-The more high-level buildings you merge, the higher your score will be!

❣️Game features:
🌻-The style of macaron color with geometric building blocks, it is the artistic enjoyment
🌻-Casual and strategic gameplay
🌻-A variety of skins can be chosen, enrich your interface
🌻-You can check the ranking, create high score! 
🌻-Free play, easy to enjoy
🌻-The best choice to pass the time

Merge Island™ is a free classic merging puzzle game,you can play it anywhere without internet! Very simple and addictive gameplay, you need to make effective use of the island space,carefully choose the location of the block you want to merge,and then merge more lvl 10 buildings. After the lvl 10 buildings are merged into another advanced building, you will have an unparalleled sense of accomplishment!! 🏘️ 🏘️ Of course,we provide you with an special item when you have a trouble in game,you can use it to remove any buildings which you needn't, it will help you construct your dreamy island.

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