Tır Dorse Kamyon Simulatörü (Android iOS)

Tır Dorse Kamyon Simulatörü

Our new game "Truck Truck Simulator" is free.
You will perform various missions on snowy roads with realistic truck models with the magnificent V12 diesel engine.

There are 2 types of trucks and trucks. You can choose any of these trucks and tractors. You can select the front protection bars and light systems and the types of skidings. We have used a physics system that is the closest to the physics of the truck system, and you have no doubt that it will offer you the pleasure of driving pleasure.

You can use a variety of features such as brand new air brake systems, engine brake sound effects, thick curves and a variety of air horns and a music system that you can listen to on the go. There are also 4 different trailer and trailer systems. On this trailer we installed various work machines such as dozer, excavator. You will be asked to follow these routes in a healthy way by following the specified routes. You will need to arrive in a certain time frame. If you want to travel free career mode will not be appropriate for you. You can turn on the free mode to enjoy your enjoyment.

You can download and try for all features right now.

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