Download Elite Bridge Builder - Android Apk

Elite Bridge Builder is a free bridge building game.
Complete your bridge and allows the target vehicle to pass!
The game is relatively free and the goal is clear. Players will not lose their way on the basis of free play!
Feel the charm of art and feel the sense of accomplishment!

Game features:
 The game scene is diverse- space mode, ground mode and easy mode. The game level is rich, each mode has dozens of levels, let you fully enjoy the game!
 Diverse gameplay: Each level has different restrictions. Under all kinds of restrictions, use all the building materials available, spend the least money, build the best bridge!
 The game screen is beautiful, the physics engine is realistic, let you create a unique bridge with absolute true feelings and protect the passing vehicles!
 Unique grid mode to make your design more accurate! Minimize your error and complete all kinds of bridges!
 There is a thoughtful reminder system in the game. When you are in trouble, you can go there and find the best solution!
 No Wi-Fi? No problem!
 Suitable for all Android 4.0 and above models

Elite Bridge Builder - Android Gameplay

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