Download Horde For Android APK

Stop the Horde! Lead your team of elite Defenders, repel the endless Horde, save what's left of humanity and uncover the mysteries behind the alien invasion!
Alien Horde is the flagship FPS portrait-mode shooter, bringing casual and easy-to-pick-up action-packed free shooter game with rich content and simple but super-satisfying playing experience. 

“The year is 2050. The universe has become fertile soil for Earth's leading countries' industrial and habitable colonies. Humanity has sucked its home planet dry, leaving only ruins behind, and is now looking for new resources, reaching its greedy hands deep into space. 
Naturally, the ruthless colonisation and merciless pillaging hasn't remained unanswered. 
The invasion has begun. There are thousands of them. They've come from the deepest bowels of space, and they've brought revenge and destruction upon the Earth and its colonies. The world as we know it has been swarmed by hordes of alien predators. Humanity is losing its upper hand.”

• Pick up for a flash mission 
• Make use of the elaborate team and base management options
• Meet and recruit heroes of various classes to assemble your ultimate strike team
• Find and craft dozens of weapons, armour, items, skins and customizations to equip your heroes with
• Participate in various missions with different tactical approaches (but one goal: stop the Horde!)
• Team up in Factions for extra challenges and rewards

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