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🦅Love western games?🦅

This super cowboy adventure, gun duels, horse racing, red westland world, and western cowboy story? Welcome to a stylized poly-art western world TD of the wild west cowboy games. 

⚔️Defend settlement, save block city:⚔️

In the wild west, you need to protect a wild western city from enemy battle machines. As great cowboy - Arthur takes command. Destroy enemies machine, let the enemy train off the rail. 

🎨Stylized polygon models:🎨

    🔸Polygonal citizens

    🔸Low-poly turrets and towers

    🔸Poly vehicles and battle machines

    🔸Low-poly wild west environment

    🔸Color effects

Hey Barman, pour me a drink. Let me tell wild west cowboy story about revolver gunman:

Cowboy hero - Arthur, was a great bandit. Nowadays, great cowboy Arthur tries to clean the dead soul by the redemption. Help Arthur to defend his block city from hordes of bounty hunters and red bandits.

🏗️Build fort and towers:🏗️

Gather gold and build towers along the enemy way to protect the wild west settlement. Improve towers and builds to create a better city fort. Do not let the enemies and battle machine break through. After defense just take the treasure! Your soul is dead anyway.

Enemies battle machine:

    🔹Low-poly Cart

    🔹Western Locomotive

    🔹Wild West Coach

    🔹Cowboy Wagon

🔳Amazing polygonal block graphics:🔳

    🔽Detailed poly environments

    🔽Interactive elements

    🔽Low-poly models

    🔽Poly turrets and towers

    🔽Polygonal Tower Defense!

🛡TD Cowboy tower defense:🛡

    🔹Cowboy Arthur

    🔹Cowgirl Abigale

    🔹Gunman Marston

    🔹Town Man Ross

    🔹Sheriff Johnson

🐴Best tower defense cowboy games is well optimized, even for weak devices and old phones!🐴

📥Download now for free!🆓
TD strategy redemption of Wild West.

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