Heroes of Ninja: Global Version Gameplay

Explore the exciting world of Ninja and experience the ninja adventure by going on difficult S rank missions, learn the ultimate jutsu and become the strongest Ninja.

Build the strongest Ninja Village, becoming the next Leader by winning in this epic multiplayer battle. Over 8 Million players, fighting to win Rank 1 daily, make your mark now!
With hundred of special Storylines and forbidden technique, making the battle more intense than ever!

Use Real-time strategy to beat your opponent, plan and devise strategies to take down your opponent! Prepare for the biggest Ninja War in the history and become the Legendary Hero!

Download now for FREE! The MOST ANTICIPATED Ninja theme role-playing game for the Android!

☆ Build Most Powerful Ninja Team
50+ popular shinobis and Ninja x heroes to be summoned and trained! You will be the most powerful Ninja fighter ever and keep training to become the strongest Leader! Come, Recruit and build the legendary team unmatched to 4th Leader!

☆ Epic Challenge
Go on S rank mission and hunt down these Tailed Beasts to get legendary treasure chest. Equip and upgrade all Ninja heroes to be the strongest!

☆ Fantastic PvP In Ninja Saga
Train your team and join the most powerful guild to complete the missions. Collect equipment to upgrade your heroes into the ultimate fighters and beat others in Ninja clash.

☆ Avenger Team
You are not alone! All Ninjas will join you as ultimate avengers for fighting in shadow war. Invite your best friends to join you in the slash legend. Your enemy grows fast! The monsters await you!

☆ Unleash Blazing Ninjutsu Attacks with Tactics ☆
Gain access to new and more powerful sharingan & rinnegan ninjutsu attacks as your ninjas level up! Offensive, defensive, and support skills are at your disposal. Deploy your tactics and time the usage of skills wisely on the x battle field and PVP arena. Each wrong move could lead to your loss in this intense world of ninjutsu. Become the most powerful heroes team today!
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